Challenges of Merger and Acquisition During Remote Work

M&A is a combination of enterprises by creating a new legal entity or the merger of enterprises to the main enterprise, as a result of which the owners (shareholders) of the enterprises that merge, exercise control.

Merger and Acquisition as an Integral Part of Modern World

The modern world can be imagined as a system of processes interacting with each other and partially self-regulating. Integration is one of the processes that affect the global economy. The rapid growth of competition, shrinking product life cycles, and changing consumer needs are pushing companies to look for new organizational and management structures that would ensure their efficient operation.

Modern conditions of market relations necessitate the consideration of the integration processes of companies as the most effective way to increase the efficiency of their activities and competitiveness. So, in recent years in the world economy and, in Ukraine in particular, there has been a tendency for rapid growth in the number and volume of mergers and acquisitions of companies. Today, these processes have covered almost all significant sectors of the economy and our country.

Currently, the topic of remote work is gaining popularity because:

  1. Modern digital technologies create opportunities for faster and better quality workload without being tied to your workplace.
  2. Allows you to increase the level of services performed, increase production volumes, minimize costs, etc.
  3. Not all companies were ready to switch to telecommuting, and certain lines of business could not afford it at all due to the specifics of the business.

On the basis of the information provided, regarding the completeness of disclosing the essence of the merger process in the legal field, it should be noted that today the concept of a merger, accounting issues of merger transactions, the procedure for the formation and liquidation of companies in the process of their merger and organization are reflected one degree or another. the merger control process by the antitrust authorities.

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What Challenges Do You Face While Remote Work?

Moving to remote work, and returning to the office, is an urgent and challenging task for IT departments. And in the face of time pressure, the exchange of experience, best practices, and possible mistakes were more relevant than ever. Today, there are many formats for the exchange of experience – webinars, industry online conferences, chats in instant messengers. And, nevertheless, up-to-date information “first-hand” is always more than in demand.

In fact, the viability of companies depended on challenges of merger and acquisition, literally, on the willingness of IT services to support the required applications. And there were more than enough “calls” – the required number of computers and laptops for remote work, the readiness of servers and communication channels for multiply increased loads, ensuring the required number of additional licenses, the operability and compatibility of applications in remote connection conditions, training users to work in new conditions, and, of course, the security of IT infrastructure in the new environment. During the massive transition to remote work, the number of hacker attacks increased significantly.

The obvious action when resources are scarce is to take a careful inventory of the available equipment. This is exactly what many IT managers were doing at the beginning of the lockdown – laptops from classrooms and unused stands, USB modems, and other “hidden reserves” – everything was sent to the acquisition of “remote” workstations (the most prudent – replenished stocks back in February and at the same time ensured a shortage of equipment in stores).

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